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Nicola Beer
Event organiser
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About the meeting

How did the BearingNet meetings get started?

The BearingNet user meetings started in their current format with our meeting in October 2005. The original purpose was to bring BearingNet users together so we could provide them with information about the many functions available in the site. Having brought together 58 companies in Prague we soon realised that what our users wanted was to speak to each other so BearingNetworking was born. This has proved to be a winning formula.

Where are the BearingNet meetings held?

Since 2005 we have organised seventeen meetings, spanning across Europe and the USA.In 2022 we hosted a very successful event in Dublin and our next meeting will be held in the USA on May 10th 2023, which will be followed by Berlin next October 2023.

When do the meetings take place?

We vary the time of year of the meeting so as to avoid clashes with other events and to ensure that as many people as possible are able to attend. The meetings are held on a weekend (we know our members are busy people and can’t always afford the luxury of time out of the office during the week.) We host a welcome reception on the Sunday evening, followed by BearingNetworking on the Monday and Tuesday, finishing with a final dinner.

Who can attend the BearingNet meetings?

The BearingNet meetings are exclusively for our members. All members are welcome to attend.

If you are a bearing distributor and are interested in becoming a member of BearingNet apply for a free trial.

Future developments

Since 2005 the BearingNet User meeting has grown considerably. In Warsaw 409 bearing distributors came together from all over the world. We plan to continue to develop the networking opportunities we can offer our members and in the future we intend to offer companies even greater promotional possibilities.

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