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Manufacturers Showcase

Are you interested in showcasing your products to a large audience of Bearing and PT Distributors?

We are giving you access to the world's biggest gathering of Bearing and PT Distributors to promote your company and find potential new partners.

Why choose Manufacturers Platform?

What are the BearingNet User Meetings?

The BearingNet user meetings are the world’s biggest event exclusively for Bearing and PT distributors.

Held over a weekend, they offer an unrivalled networking opportunity for BearingNet’s online business partners to meet together to promote their companies, discuss business and meet new suppliers or customers.

What is the Manufacturers Showcase?

We are offering you the chance to come along to the User Meeting and have your own location where you can display your products and promote your company. The meetings are held over 3 days and we invite you to join us and our distributor members for:

Sunday - Welcome Reception
Monday - BearingNetworking and Networking Lunch
Tuesday - BearingNetworking, Networking Lunch and the Farewell Dinner

One of the most successful elements of the meetings is face to face contact. This helps distributors build strong lasting business relationships. We would like to extend the benefits of the User Meetings to you by offering you the opportunity to talk to our distributor members in person.

The Showcase is an excellent way to meet with your current distributors, to expand the product lines of your current distributors and to find distributors in new areas!

Why should I attend?

Promote your products to distributors worldwide

Educate distributors on your new innovations and products

Increase the product lines of existing partner distributors

Meet distributors in new locations, our delegates come from all over the world

Initiate and secure long term deals

Where is the next Manufacturers Showcase?