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"BearingNet helps us to reach new horizons...
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Vygantas Rimgaila
CRAFT Bearings

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BearingNet Time is Money

Time is money...

If you could contact lots of distributors all at once would you:

Get a better price?
Work out better terms?
Of course you would!

BearingNet enables you to send many inquiries with just one click of a button.

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Seoul Trading Company Ltd

BearingNet, the sole access to 1.6 billion bearings

"We have grown so much and we couldn't have done it without BearingNet! By using BearingNet we now export to over 100 customers in 50 countries worldwide. BearingNet is all in one. It's just an amazing connection for both sales & purchasing."

John Woo
Seoul Trading Company Ltd

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BearingNet Cost Effective

BearingNet is very cost effective...

Use BearingNet to reach new clients worldwide and make new business contacts.

Cut your marketing costs but extend your marketing reach!
Get access to thousands of bearing professionals all in one place.

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1.6 billion bearings!

"BearingNet is part of our sales system, it helps us find bearings that are unavailable in the domestic market & creates opportunities to make new friends in the industry through forums & meetings.”

Hiro Wai
CYH Importacao e Exportacao Ltda

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BearingNet Turn away Customer

Never turn away a customer again...

Satisfy all of your customers!
Find what you need in seconds.

Billions of bearings and thousands of inventory lists means you never need to disappoint your customer.

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About BearingNet

The Bearing Distributor Network

BearingNet gives you access to the inventories of 1,800+ different distributors around the world with a combined inventory value of over $10 billion dollars.

If your company is interested in stocking less but selling more, buying smarter and being connected to a vast network of like minded Bearing distributors then apply for a free trial today!


Launched in 1996, BearingNet was formed as the first online inquiry and information service designed exclusively for Bearing & Power Transmission Distributors. The basic concept was to help distributors trade hard-to-find, obsolete or surplus bearings more efficiently and effectively, ultimately by networking the bearing industry together.

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Manufacturers' Advertising Platform... Helping manufacturers find distributors around the world!

Are you a bearing or power transmission manufacturer?

Using our existing customer base of 1,880 bearing and power transmission distributors, our Manufacturers' Advertising Platform is the perfect place to grow your distributor network, promote your brand and increase sales!

What is the Manufacturers' Advertising Platform? We offer a complete marketing package to help maximise the impact of your campaign by using a range of different advertising and promotional tools
Banner Adverts 2 adverts appearing throughout BearingNet, displayed over 1,000,000 times each year! Banners are fantastic for brand awareness.
Promo page Your very own website within BearingNet, focused on the distribution network. Use this page to promote your products, strengthen your brands and advertise your company to over 1,880 distributors.
Advertise and Promote BearingNet will feature you on our social media channels, in our monthly newsletter and emails sent to over 7,000 power transmission distributor employees
Full access to our distributor members Access our members list with full contact details and meet hundreds of distributors face to face at our networking events! Learn more about the BearingNet User Meetings here.
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What's new

Whats new header image

After a lot of time and hard work, our 2022 Autumn edition is now out!

An enormous thank you to all the companies involved and hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we did!

BearingNet lists

Bearing Bearings 12,370,316
Bearing Sprockets 148,726
Bearing Chain 90,847
Bearing Seals 792,699
Bearing Belts 597,357
Bearing Pulleys 121,308
Bearing Misc 646,306
Total 14,767,559
Partner from Hydraulics/Pneumatics industry - FluidPowerNet

In the last 24 hours:

Searches 146,812
Users Visited 2,063
New Wanted Items 22
New Special Offers 39
New Inquiries 9,596

Wanted items

85 listed in the last 7 days

Last 5 items listed
919 or 1119 Thrust Ball Bearing any
46T30214JR/48.5 Any good
32BD5220ADUMF8A NSK or any good
TR14x4x2000 Left any

Special Offers

147 listed in the last 30 days

Last 5 items listed
Bearing Parts Neutral
33205 P6 Neutral
30217 Neutral
32305 P6 Neutral
SS MR 84 ZZ Neutral