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Nicola Beer
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Berlin, October 2023

Back to Berlin… (last time I wrote “hopefully with less snow” but now it’s “hopefully with less snow and a lot less covid!!”)

After postponing the Berlin Meeting a number of times, I am very pleased to announce the next European User Meeting will take place at the MOA Mercure in Berlin on the 5th-7th October 2023.

As many of you know Berlin is a fantastic city full of history, culture, street art and a wonderful atmosphere.

We held our 2011 meeting in Berlin with just over 300 of our members, and hopefully the 2023 event, our 20th User Meeting, will see over 400 of our members gathered in one place.

Our meeting in Dublin was a great success and it was fantastic to finally get back together after a number of years apart, however Covid was still affecting a number of countries around the world and there were companies that were unfortunately not able to attend, but hopefully with a late 2023 meeting we wont suffer from these issues anymore! (Fingers crossed anyway).

And remember if you read this and think, ‘I've been doing this a long time, I already know everyone, I don’t need to go to one of these meetings’ think again! There is always someone new to meet and some new business opportunities waiting for you.

Did you know that over 90% of first time attendees come back to another meeting!

See you in Berlin