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Nicola Beer
Event organiser
+44 1279 844 044
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Berlin, 27-29 May 2021

Dear delegates,

I hope you are well.

I know you have been waiting for news about the Berlin User Meeting in May, and I thank you for being patient, it has been a lot to sort out.

However, I can now confirm (with great disappointment) that the meeting 27-29 May 2021 has been cancelled.

There is too much uncertainty on travel and vaccinations worldwide to hold a meeting of this size in two months' time - and at the moment German hotels can only hold meetings for 20 people, not 400, so we see no other option than to cancel.

BearingNet VIRTUAL User Meeting 24-28th May 2021

We can’t do a face-to - face meeting this year, so we have decided to do a virtual one instead – we know it won’t be the same but we still want to give our members the opportunity to meet and talk business.

The great thing about the BearingNet User Meetings is that your time is for you to do what you want with and we are trying to keep this format with the virtual meeting by offering time for planned meetings as well as unstructured networking sessions.

Best Regards
Nicola Beer