Getting started


Getting started

Welcome to BearingNet - you are now part of the world’s largest online market for bearing and PT distributors.

BearingNet contains many features and lots of information but for now we will concentrate on the main functions. This summary will tell you what you need to get started...


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With over 10 million lines of inventory in our database you should be able to find everything you need.

You can perform a quick search for the parts you want by using our Basic search box on the ‘Welcome’ page. Enter the part number you want and click on ‘Search’. All the companies which have the part available are then displayed.

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If the part number entered cannot be found then BearingNet will attempt to find the closest match to the part number entered by removing characters from the end of the part number until items are found. For example if the part number entered was 22222 C4 XYZ and this part number was not found then BearingNet will re-run the search using 22222 C4 XY. This will continue until part numbers are found.

The search results table will then present you with a list of part numbers so you can select which ones most closely match your requirements.

To search for specific brands it is advisable to abbreviate the name as much as possible in the search box because some companies shorten the brand name. EG if you are looking for a TIMKEN bearing enter ‘TIM’ and this will then show you all parts with ‘TIM’ in the name.

You can refine your search by selecting the advanced search option in the search box on the Welcome screen or by using the box on the Search page. This allows you to include or exclude certain characters, require certain brands, and restrict your search to specific countries or regions.

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Where there are several part numbers which match your search criteria you are given the option to select any or all of them before being shown the list of companies with the parts available.

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Once you have the list of companies with the part available you need to decide which ones you should send an RFQ to. There is a lot of information available on the Search results page to help you with this process.

A key to all the symbols used on the search results screen is available by clicking on the Question icon.JPG at the top of the table. Clicking on the company name will take you to their company details page where you can find contact information, or for a summary about the company you can click on the Co details icon.JPG

RFQ page.JPG

Once you have decided who you want to send an RFQ to, tick the box in the RFQ column, fill in the necessary information in the Inquiries box and click on ‘Inquire’ Your RFQ has now been sent to the vendor and they can respond to you with price and delivery details.


If you cannot find the part you need via the search function you can also use the ‘Wanted’ page to advertise what you need. Just click on Add.JPG, enter the information in the ‘Add Wanted Item’ box and click OK. If another distributor has what you need they will contact you directly.

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BearingNet can help you to sell your inventory by putting it in front of 1800 distributor companies. If you list more than 500 lines your free trial period will be extended to 28 days. To load your inventory in BearingNet for the first time make sure you have it listed in an excel spreadsheet It is very important to ensure these details are shown separately and correctly otherwise your inventory will not always be returned in response to a search.

To create a spreadsheet please follow these instructions:

In Cell A1: Enter your BearingNet User Name which is what you use to login to BearingNet.

In Cell B1: Enter your unique BearingNet Stock ID, this can be found by clicking on “Your Account”, then “Your Inventory”. Your code will look like this example: 1ABC-ABCD-A1BC-1ABC.

In Cell C1: Enter either “1” or “0”. The character “1” means you want to REPLACE your entire inventory within BearingNet with this new stocklist. The character “0” means you want to ADD the items in the new stocklist to your existing stock in BearingNet.

In Cell D1: Enter the email address where you want the email receipt from BearingNet to be sent. This email will confirm that your stocklist has been entered successfully.

Cells A2, B2, C2, D2 and E2 are for your information & contain descriptions of what you should enter in the columns below:

Column A is for the PART NUMBER of the item you wish to enter.

Column B is for the BRAND of the item you wish to enter.

Column C is for the QUANTITY of the item you wish to enter.

Column D is for the DESCRIPTION of the item you wish to enter.

Column E is for the PT TYPE of the item you wish to enter.

Column F is for the PRICE of the item (optional)

Shown below are the PT Type codes and their meanings:



L is for SEALS

C is for CHAINS

T is for BELTS

P is for PULLEYS



Inventory upload.JPG

If you have any questions about preparing your inventory spreadsheet email Once you have prepared your spreadsheet send it to and we will load it into our database for you. No other company can see your entire inventory list in BearingNet – only the parts searched for are displayed.

If another distributor is interested in buying from you they will send an RFQ to you as described in the ‘Buying’ section. You can then respond to them with information about pricing and delivery. You can respond directly to their e mail or via the BearingNet Quotes system which records all inquiries you send and receive through BearingNet.


If you have a ‘lot for sale’ or some special offers you wish to advertise you can enter these in the ‘Offers’ section. Just click on Add.JPG, enter the information in the ‘Add Offer’ box and click OK. If another distributor is interested they will contact you directly.


Your Account.JPG

This section is where you can manage your company’s information, add users, set your preferences and manage your inventory.

The basic contact information provided with your free trial application will be recorded in ‘Your Account’. If you wish to amend any of this or add additional information you can do this here. (You cannot change your company name or the country where you are based. If you need to do this please contact

• Check your company details are correct, you can edit your contact details from this page you can also add additional contact information here

• Add more users—If more than one person in your company is using BearingNet you can set them up with their own login details. You can do this in the ‘Manage Your Users’ section

• Upload your company logo so other users can recognise your company, it will appear every time your company details page is viewed, go to ‘Change company logo’

• ‘Your Inventory’ section allows you to make adjustments to your inventory list and to see how well it is performing. You can add or edit single lines but if you wish to update the entire list send it to