The BearingNet Forum provides an online discussion facility for members. To access the forums, select ‘forum’ from the top toolbar. You will be taken to the following page:

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To access a forum posting

Click on the forum heading. You will be taken to a page listing all the topics under that heading. Topics with the most recent postings are at the top of the list. Click on your chosen topic and you will be able to view all the postings by BearingNet members relating to that topic.

To start a new forum topic

Select the appropriate forum heading from the Forum Index and click on ‘post new topic’. A box will appear showing your name and company. Enter a suitable title for your topic in the ‘Subject’ box. Write your comments in the ‘Message‘ box and click ‘Post new topic’.

Your topic will appear at the top of the topic list.

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To Comment on an existing topic

To add your own comment to an existing topic, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on

A box will appear at the top of the topic thread, showing your name and company. Type your comments in the ‘Message’ box and click on ‘Post Reply’. Your comment will then appear at the bottom of the page, or if you click on ‘cancel’ the message box disappears.

To include all or part of a previous forum posting in your message click on the icon at the top of the message you want to include and the ‘Post reply’ box will appear with the entirety of that message, surrounded by [quote] [/quote]. Elements of the quoted message can be deleted from your posting if required.

Edit or delete a post

With the exception of the Trading Dispute Forum, postings in the Forums can be edited or deleted by the individual user from the company who made the posting. To edit the posting click on the icon. To delete the posting, click on the Delete icon.

All postings in a particular thread can be deleted by the individual user who started the thread if they consider them to be irrelevant or inappropriate. The content of the forums is moderated by BearingNet. Companies can request that postings or topics be removed from the forums if they are detrimental to their company. To request the removal of a forum posting contact

Topics in the ‘Can you Supply/Wanted’ and ‘Lots for sale/offers’ are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Trading Dispute Forum

The Trading Dispute Forum is intended to try and resolve any serious trading issues between BearingNet members. It should only be used after all other attempts at negotiation have failed. To report a new issue to the BearingNet Trading Dispute Forum go to the Company Details page and select the company with which you are in dispute.

At the bottom of their company details page in the Trade Recommendations Section select

You will be shown a warning message which is intended to deter frivolous or malicious postings. If you click ‘Continue’ you will be taken to the page where you can post your message.

If a Trading dispute forum posting already exists about the company you will see 'View Trading Dispute' on their company details page. Click on this and you will be transferred to the relevant forum page. You can add your message by clicking on 'Post Reply'.


If there is a particular thread that you are interested in following you can click Subscribe.

An email will be sent to the user notifying them that a new post has been made to this topic. No more notifications are sent until the post has been read. You can unsubscribe by clicking on a link in the email.

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How do I…

The forums use markers at the start and end to format text e.g. [b] formatted bold [/b]. So to bold some text, surround it with the [b][/b] markers, e.g. forums are [b]really good[/b] to use. Will display as: - forums are really good to use.

To italicise some text, surround it with the [i][/i] markers, e.g. forums are [i]really good[/i] to use. Will display as: - forums are really good to use.

To underline some text, surround it with the [u][/u] markers, e.g. forums are [u]really good[/u] to use. Will display as: forums are really good to use.

You can simply click the relevant tabs to insert the code for you.

Insert a link?

The BearingNet forums recognise links you type in, for example: Check out Will display as: - Check out The "http://" is not necessary if the address starts with "www".

Quote text?

To quote some text, either use the “insert quote” button or surround it with [quote] and [/quote] e.g. [quote]To be or not to be[/quote]

Insert an image?

To post an image use [img]url_of_image[/img] E.g. Here's an image: [img][/img] The "https://" is necessary here.

Block a user?

If you no longer wish to see comments from a specific forum user, you can hide their contributions. To do this find an entry by that user and hover the mouse on the post. A red icon appears. If you click this you will hide their contributions in the entire forum system. Once you have blocked a user there will be a prompt on their hidden posts with an option to unblock them if you wish to do so.