Company Chat

You can chat with companies via BearingNet on our instant messenger.

How To Access:

There are 3 ways to access the chat function:

1. Company List – click on the speech bubble against the company you want to chat with

2. Company Details – click on the company name and you will find the chat box halfway down their profile page

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3. Once a chat has been started you will be able to access your ‘recent chats’ from your BearingNet home page

How does the chat work?

Open a new chat using one of the 3 methods above and then start chatting. Add your text to the message box and click send message. You can also click the image button next to the message box to upload a picture e.g. a tracking document.

*Please note – chat is company to company, so everyone in your organization can see the chat, so don’t send something personal if you don’t want your whole company to see!

2 icons to take note of:

Bell icon – if you click the bell and it turns white then you will receive desktop notifications for all chats you receive (if the bell is not filled in then this means this feature is turned off).

Download button – you can click the download button and a copy of the conversation with be saved to your computer.

Each chat will only be available for 30 days so if it is important remember to download it.

How to turn the chat off:

We have made it default that chat is turned on for all companies and all users, if you would like to turn it off go to: Your Account – Company Settings – and turn off ‘Chat enabled’ (this is for the company)

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If you would like to restrict a user from being able to chat the Administrator will need to take away their access: Your Account – Manager Users – Select the user – untick ‘chat access’

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Search results en.JPG

If you need any help, please email