Trading with companies on BearingNet

Company Profile Page

When you click on a company’s name in BearingNet you will be taken to their profile page. This is where you can find more information about the company and where you can add relationship settings on how you trade with this company.

Promo Page

If you go to a company’s profile page and it is not in the standard format, then this company has upgraded to a Promo Page (please contact if you would also like to upgrade). To view this company’s trading information, click ‘View company details’

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Your trading relations on BearingNet

The company details page can also be used to allow your company to control who deals with the company, whether they can see your inventory and send you inquiries as well as whether you have recommended them. You can also make confidential notes about the company which can only be seen by users in your company.

Relationship Settings

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Recommended by you: click yes if they are a good overall trading partner, click no if you do not want to leave a good recommendation.

Inquiries from this company will be sent to: Select a user on your account who will receive inquiries from this company.

Inquiry method: All - Your inventory is searchable, and the user can send an inquiry via the platform. Limited - The user can only send direct inquiries by email, fax, and phone (no automated inquiries sent via the platform). None - Your inventory is hidden from this company.

You company reference: If you have an internal reference for this company add it here.

Your Comments

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You can add comments about the selected company. Your comments will only be visible to other users in your company. They will not be visible to other BearingNet members or to the company concerned.

Click ‘Change’ to add a comment. Once a comment has been added you can edit or delete it by clicking ‘change’ or ‘delete’.

Trade Recommendations

Gold stars are awarded by companies to other BearingNet members as a form of feedback when they have benefitted from good business experiences.

To give a trade recommendation to another company in BearingNet, find the company in the company list and add the stars amongst the different criteria, 1 – 5 stars, 5 being the best.

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What to do if you have a trade dispute with a company on BearingNet

If you have a problem with another company on BearingNet and you have failed to resolve the issue between you and the other company you can report this on the BearingNet Trade Dispute Forum, however this should be treated as a last resort. Please note, by doing this the issue becomes public and can be viewed by all users on BearingNet.

Before you post something in this forum please email and let us know the issue, we can contact the other company asking them to make contact and to resolve the issue before this goes into the Trade Dispute Forum, this approach is often the most successful.

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