BearingNet - Company List


The BearingNet Company List allows you to find extra information about individual companies or to see all the companies in a specific country. The default setting for this page is an alphabetical list of all the companies who are members of BearingNet, sorted by name.

Company List EN.JPG

To sort the list alphabetically by country, click on ‘Sort by country’. To revert back to the list sorted by company name, click on ‘Sort by company’.

Alternatively you can click on the ‘Company’ and ‘Country’ columns of the table to sort the list. You can use the letters in the ‘Jump to country/company’ box to find all the companies/countries beginning with that letter.

On the table of companies Notes Icon.JPG indicates that you have made comments about this company. These are only visible to the company making the comment.

Free trial.JPGindicates companies who are currently on a free trial and have not yet joined as full members of BearingNet.

Brand search

This feature allows you to search for a company by the brands they stock. Click on ‘Brand search’ and a form containing the major brands stocked by members of BearingNet is displayed. Select the brands you are interested in (EZO, FAG, FBJ in this example).

Brand Search EN.JPG

Choose whether you want to see companies with all of the selected brands in stock, or companies that have any of the brands available and click on ‘search’.

You will then be presented with a list of all the companies that stock the required brands. This list can be sorted by company or country by clicking on the column headings.

View Map

To see a map of the world showing all BearingNet customers, click on the ‘view map’ link in the ‘Jump to Company’ box.

Map EN.jpg

You can zoom in by using the scale bar or by clicking on a cluster. Roll your mouse over a red balloon to see which company is at that location.

Company details page

To view more details about any company, click on a company name and their Company details page is displayed. The default page contains information about the company. With the exception of the ‘Relationship Settings’, ‘Your Comments’ and Trade Recommendations’ boxes all information is supplied by the company and can be added to or edited in ‘Your Account.’

Commercial relationships

The company details page can also be used to allow your company to control who deals with the company, whether they can see your inventory and send you inquiries as well as whether you have recommended them. You can also make confidential notes about the company which can only be seen by users in your company.

Relationship Settings

Relationship settings EN.JPG

The Relationship Settings section consists of four features: Recommended by you – if you wish to recommend the company, select “yes”; if not, then select “no”.

Inquiries from this company will be sent to – You can assign a user to receive inquiries from this company. If no user has been selected, then the default sales contact will be shown as the selected user. You may also assign inquiries to users in “Sales contact settings”, which can be accessed either from “Your account” or from the “Quotes” page.

Inquiry method - To prevent a company from viewing any of your inventory or if you don't want to receive any inquiries from a company, you can do this by selecting the 'Inquiry method' of your choice.

There are three options. The default option is 'all' where your inventory is shown and inquiries can be sent through BearingNet. If you select 'Limited' the company will see your inventory in their search results but will not be able to send inquiries automatically through BearingNet. They will need to contact you directly by phone, fax or email. If you select ‘None’ none of your inventory will be shown when they search for a part.

Click on the heading “Sales Contact Settings” in the “Your Account” section and you will be presented with a table showing a list of companies. Under the column “Can see your inventory”, either a “green tick” 'all' or an "amber tick" 'limited' or a "red cross" 'none' is shown.

Your Company Reference - If you have your own reference from your internal systems for this company you can enter it here.

Your Comments

You can add comments about the selected company. Your comments will only be visible to other users in your company. They will not be visible to other BearingNet members or to the company concerned.

Click ‘Change’ to add a comment. Once a comment has been added you can edit or delete it by clicking ‘change’ or ‘delete’.

Trade Recommendations

Shows which other BearingNet members have recommended this company. Recommendations are awarded by companies to other BearingNet members as a form of feedback when they have benefitted from good business experiences. Companies can choose whether to display their recommendations on their company details page. You can hide companies who recommend you in ‘Your Recommendations’ in the 'Company Details' section of ‘Your Account’.

To give a trade recommendation to another company in BearingNet, find the company in the company list and then select ‘Click here to recommend this company’.

Companies which you have recommended will be identified with a Recommended.JPG on the search results page. To remove a recommendation from a company you have previously recommended, click on ‘Your Account’, select ‘Your Recommendations’ and use the delete feature in the ‘Companies you are recommending’ box.

Scores system

Click on the Info Note.JPG next to ‘Recommendation Score’ in the ‘Other Information’ box for an explanation of the Recommendation score system.

Other Info EN.JPG

Report a problem to the BearingNet Trading Dispute forum/View Trading Dispute

This is where you can report an issue about the selected company which will be visible to all other users in the Trading Dispute Forum. This should only be used to post a serious message/comment and only as a last resort after all other attempts to resolve problems have failed. Once you have posted a comment in the Trading Dispute Forum you cannot delete it. To report an issue, click on the link Report a problem to the BearingNet Trading Dispute forum

You will be presented with a message warning against unnecessary postings.

If you still wish to report a trading dispute click ‘Continue’ and you will be taken to the new topic screen where you can post your message. If there is already a message posted about this company then you will see a warning banner on their company details page.

To view messages about the company click on ‘View Trading Dispute’ and you will be transferred to the relevant forum page. You can add a message by clicking ‘Post Reply’

Please note, there can only be one forum thread per company in the Trading Dispute Forum even if there are a number of different issues involving that company.

You can also see which companies have issues by visiting the forum page.

Only BearingNet can remove postings from the Trading Dispute forum.

Promo Page

Companies can choose to have their own bespoke company details page. Where a company has this option you are taken directly to this page from the company list. To view a company’s default details page click on ‘View Company Details’ at the top of the page.